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Ideal for lumbar, cervical pains, its shape allows placement along the neck and shoulders as well as the spine.

Pillowbox therapeutic pillows provide well-being. They have a relaxing effect by the action of lavender.




2 to 3 min. in the microwave (1 to 1min.30 sec. for babies). Put a glass of water to maintain the natural moisture of the wheat.

Handmade pillow ideal for muscular pains, back pain, contractures, sciatica, tendinitis, arthritis, arthrosis, torticollis, menstrual cramps, baby cramps, stress, anxiety, insomnia and as a heating bottle.


45 min. in freezer inside a plastic bag

Recommended for migraines, varicose veins, bruises, traumatic pains, insect bites, dark circles.


 12 months


 grains of wheat and lavender




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